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is a single umbrella to fulfill your multiple requirements in altogether.

What is Tree?

TREE (Trade, Reinvent, Engineering and Energy) Solutions and Services

A small plant that was planted in 2018 has now been transformed into a TREE with its strong roots and multiple branches to provide solutions and services to the society.

Gradually its new branches are coming out and TREE is now growing, becoming denser and providing a bridge between entrepreneurs, technicians and end-users to develop self-reliant. Along with solutions and services, TREE has been presumed as a unique source for delivering raw materials, technology tools, equipment setups, design support and phenomenal consultancies.

We learned that scenario everywhere will not be the same. Our thinking is to trade unbeatable solutions for everyone and to provide our best services, at the same time reinvent things using modern engineering technologies in addition to work for environment and energy. It aims to support growth by arranging various latest engineering products, help to reinforce new technologies to have cost effective retrofit solutions and services at various levels and work to save and utilize energy in right direction.

A success story

Who We Are

We are committed to provide extensive new technology based solutions and support in all areas, so that you can work in a relaxed way keeping in mind that someone is with you and working for you to fulfill all of your needs.

Needs of an individual or an organization changes time to time, sometime you need latest technology tools on the other side many sees the possibility of upgrade in the existing system. The thing which never changes is the fear about serviceability and energy or environmental impact. To serve various solutions and services for all, TREE was planted.

We are the provider of the new edge and add-on solutions for all engineering and technology branches along with environmental solutions. With a bigger picture in mind, we are here to serve and give our best under the shelter named TREE Solutions and Services.

  • Mission

    To serve happiness to our customers by providing them quick, safe and affordable service with the help of skilled and experienced professionals.

  • Vision

    Future is all about sensing and response. Sensing the need and requirement of customer, and respond them at the quickest, is the key to achieve the win-win situation for customer and professionals both.

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